Tajik foreign minister holds talks with OSCE secretary-general in Belgrade

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Tajik foreign minister holds talks with OSCE secretary-general in Belgrade

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DUSHANBE, December 7, 2015, Asia-Plus – On Thursday December 3, Tajik Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Aslov met with OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier in Belgrade on the sidelines of the 22nd OSCE Ministerial Council.

According to the Tajik MFA information department, the two sides discussed cooperation between Tajikistan and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Mr. Zannier reportedly expressed satisfaction with the current level of cooperation between the OSCE and Tajikistan.

For his part, Aslov called on the Organization to provide more active assistance to the countries of the region in addressing modern challenges and threats, Tajik MFA information department said.

The two reportedly also exchanged views on supporting Tajikistan to fulfill its obligations within the OSCE three dimensions.

The OSCE Office in Tajikistan, which is one of the largest OSCE field operations,  is tasked with assisting Tajikistan in its efforts to tackle security problems and threats, prevent conflicts and work on crisis management in such areas as policing, border management, and anti-trafficking. Other tasks include the improvement of business contacts; the development of energy, transport, investment, and scientific and technical exchange; the protection of the environment; good governance; and the development of a legal framework and democratic political institutions and processes, including the respect for human rights.

The Office in Tajikistan is based in Dushanbe, with field offices in Gharm, Khujand, Kulob, Qurghon Teppa, and Shahritous.