Referendum in the Embassy

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Referendum in the Embassy

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Tajik citizens  of Pakistan vote in referendum today

Thismorning, people of Tajikistan take part in an important political event – anational referendum on amendments and additions to the Constitution of theRepublic of Tajikistan.

Inthis regard citizens of Tajikistan living in Pakistan visited the Embassy ofthe Republic of Tajikistan in Islamabad to vote in a national referendum onamendments and additions to a number of articles of the Constitution.

Thebroad participation of the people in the referendum shows the activity ofcitizens in the political life of independent Tajikistan, the high level ofpolitical culture of responsibility, supporting peace, stability andsocio-economic stability and cultural development of society.

It may be mentionedhere that a large number of students also participated in this exercise besidesmembers of media and civil society who witnessed the referendum proceedingswith keen interest.