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PRESS BRIEFING by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republicof Tajikistanto the Islamic Republic of Pakistan H.E. Zubaydullo N.Zubaydov


Distinguished representatives of mass-media, 17-1-2011

First of all, let me express my deep appreciation to you for attending our press briefing, in spite of your very busy work schedule. The Embassy of Tajikistan highly appreciates cooperation with the mass-media of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We are convinced of as much of what has achieved the Embassy in 2010, is the yield of your friendly relations towards our country. Certainly, we stand for more enhancement of bilateral relationship between our two countries in the cause of Tajik and Pakistani peoples who share common historical roots.

I would like to brief you on the results of our Embassy’s activity in 2010 and the upcoming important events in 2011.

Major efforts have been focused on deepening and expanding mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of hydropower, investment, medicine, education, transport and communications, trade, tourism and combating international terrorism, as well as an implementation of bilateral agreements.

On 16 – 18 July, jointly with the State Committee on Investments and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Embassy organized a Tajik-Pakistani Business – Forum which was attended by 66 business delegates from Pakistan, including Minister of State, Chairman of Board of Investments of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Saleem Mandviwala. I am extremely pleased that, conduct of the Business Forum has urged on a number of Pakistani businessmen and companies for cooperation which have already established and continue doing business with our business circle and companies.

The Embassy has facilitated participation of delegation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, headed by the Prime Minister, His Excellency Yousuf Reza Gelani at the Council of heads of government of the SCO member states on 24 – 25 November in Tajikistan, where bilateral meeting of Prime Minister Yousuf Reza Gelani with President Emomali Rahmon has been held.

On 18- 20 May, Dushanbe hosted the 37th session of the Foreign Ministers Council of the OIC, which was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister of Pakistan Navabzada Malik Ahmadhan.

Pakistani delegation led by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Water Resources and AgricultureKamal Majidullah has attended the International Conference “Water for Life” held in Dushanbe on June 10, 2010.

On 29 – 30 April, on our initiative and invitation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan, the Interior Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Rahman Malik has visited Dushanbe for discussion of bilateral cooperation in fighting against international terrorism.

In December, as you know, Turkey hosted the Summit of heads of the ECO member-states. Bilateral meeting of our Presidents, Emomali Rahmon and Asif Ali Zardari has been held in Ankara on the sidelines of the Summit, in the course of which the leaders have discussed a wide range of the issues on bilateral cooperation and situation in the region. In addition, bilateral talks of the two presidents have been conducted during the quadrilateral summit on 18-19 August in Sochi of Russia, which includes heads of states of Tajikistan, Pakistan, Russia and Afghanistan.

These arrangements and meetings of our heads of state, ministers, businessmen and other leaders, evidence on closer relations between our two nations and is the manifestation of mutual interest towards development and deepening these relations. Moreover, a number of Pakistani nationals and tourists who have visited or wish to travel to Tajikistan is significantly increased. For instance, if in 2009 our Embassy has granted 505 visas, so we have issued 810 visas in 2010, which also shows the growing interest of the people of Pakistan to our country.

I believe, you everyone distinguished representatives of mass-media have also played a pivotal role and made a great contribution to these achievements.

With the view to continuously monitor an implementation of previously signed agreements and addressing other issues of bilateral cooperation, I have met with the President, Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Minister of the Interior, Chairman of Board of Investment, officials of the Foreign Ministry, province governors, chairmen of chambers of commerce of several provinces, business community leaders and leading entrepreneurs.

I wish to emphasize, that I felt sympathetic position towards my country and nation as well as a robust willingness to co-operation at my overall meetings.

Pakistan has been hit by a massive natural disaster. The people and Government of Tajikistan have not been stood aside. And despite the fact that our country has also heavily suffered from rampant floods and earthquakes last year, it found an opportunity to deliver humanitarian aid to the brotherly people of Pakistan.

Moreover, there is tremendous potential still remains untapped in bilateral cooperation of our countries that should be applied for the benefit of our peoples. In this context, I do count on your support as well.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

It is absolutely obvious, that no country in our region can resolve global challenges alone. Geopolitical and geo-economic interests of our nations are so closely intertwined, that create prerequisites for comprehensive integration. They are tied up by the unity of political and economic interests, mutual benefit of sharing energy and other natural resources.

The implementation of existing projects in Tajikistan can be an important factor in accelerating the socio-economic development of all countries in the region, including Pakistan. The hydropower potential of the Republic of Tajikistan is estimated at 527 billion kilowatt hours.

Consequently, our primary task today is an implementation of strategic projects, in particular, CASA-1000 which would enable power transmission to Afghanistan and Pakistan from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, construction of Rogun hydro-power plant is another most promising project of regional significance, which you all are aware and I am not going to take much of your valuable time by describing that project. I merely want to note, that some neighboring countries of Tajikistan continue to obstruct, even up to imposing a blockade of all roads and the delivery of goods, including railway transit.

Construction of Ishkashim, Chitral connecting road is another most important project, which directly binds our two countries and Central Asia with enabling the shortest route for delivery of goods. We have ambitious plans for cooperation in the fields of education, medicine, trade, investment, including construction of cement factories.

Within the next few months we look forward to the official visit of delegation of the Republic of Tajikistan led by President Emomali Rahmon, which I am confident, it will give a greater impetus to our relationship.

In conclusion, I would like again to express my sincere gratitude and profound appreciation to you all for attending the press briefing. I wish to also thank you for your publications in newspapers, magazines and TV, which beyond any doubt promoted the enhancement of relations between our countries and peoples, and their rapprochement, as well as helped to bring real and objective information about Tajikistan to the glorious people of Pakistan.

I really treasure the relationship with distinguished journalists and correspondents of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and hope our cooperation in future will serve in the cause of the well-being of our nations.