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Message for the press

(Kabul, October 2010)

Your Excellency,

Dear mass-media representatives,


My current official visit is being held after 5-years period from the day of the last similar visit. But the dialogue at the top level and political interaction of two friendly states in the bilateral and multifold format has regular and constructive status.

We have always used all the favorable opportunities for the detailed discussion of a variety of diverse bilateral issues, problems of regional cooperation and international processes as well as for signing important bilateral documents.

Today in the agenda of our meeting with His Excellency President Khamid Karzay in the restricted attendance and in the format of official delegations there are issues of consistent strengthening of multidimensional cooperation between two states.

Tajikistan has been always and especially during the period of Resistance ready and willing and even at present exerts all efforts to play the role of sincere and selfless friend to fraternal Afghanistan, because the idea of Your and our security and stability is identical. At the present stage we are ready and willing to make our contribution in the implementation of the programs of revival and renewal as the important factor of peace setting in Afghanistan and well-being of its people.

At present our interaction in the socio-economic sphere, construction of infrastructure objects, roads, and power lines, training of personnel in various fields, education, and health care and in other aspects is steadily extending.

After the construction of five bridges across Amudarya and Pyanj rivers, including the big bridge Friendship, our contacts broken for many decades due to political interests of others has been resumed that contributed to the realization of our aspirations but also renewal of vitally important and sincerely brotherhood relations.

Hundreds of Afghan specialists and experts in various fields had re-training and skills improvement programmes in Tajikistan, a large group of health professionals is currently doing their human and professional duties in the friendly state. That is why today the both sides focus their attention on the projects aimed at the expansion and strengthening of the interaction, search of modern ways of its implementation.

In this view, special attention is paid to the realization of large-scale and historically important bilateral and regional projects such as construction of power lines Sangtuda-Kunduz-Pulihumri and frontier of Tajikistan-Pulihumri-Kabul-Islamabad (CASA-1000), construction of rail ways connecting Tajikistan, Afghanistanand Iranwith other states in the region. The both sides assume that its realization will serve the interests of peace, stability and sustainable development of Afghanistan and our region in general.

We together with Honorable President have noted the necessity of development of regional cooperation and active role of Afghanistan in the regional organizations, especially in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Government of Tajikistan stands for improving and strengthening international strategy of the struggle with terrorism, extremism, and other global challenges and threats of the modern world, setting more rightful system of international relations. In this view we recognize the importance of close cooperation of security, frontier and defense authorities of both sides on the constant basis. The reinforcement of our common frontier with the length of 1400 km as the edge of friendship and cooperation is vitally important for the security and stability of our but also your country.

In this view our common struggle against production and illegal drugs trafficking, which could serve as example for others, must be more extended and strengthened in spite of reached positive results. I must say that this global problem is not just the problem of Afghanistanand Tajikistanand that is why it requires adequate collective measures from the international community, which must cover not only the issue of production of this black death, but also the issues of illegal turnover of precursors which are not produced in Afghanistanbut outerly delivered.

In this important historic period we assume that the close consolidation of patriotic spirits and adherents of political regulation for the successful implementation of goals of peace setting in the fraternal country is the dictates of the time. We support the measures taken by the Government of Afghanistan and wish success, because it is obvious that the extremely military way of resolution of the Afghan problem is not acceptable.

I wish to emphasize that all the meetings and negotiations have been held in the spirit of sincerity, mutual understanding and mutual confidence. We are satisfied with the results of held negotiations and consider the visit as the beginning of new phase of development of friendly relations between two states.

I wish to express sincere gratitude to His Excellency President for fraternal hospitality and once again note our adherence to the unity of friendly Afghan people, strengthening of peace and security in the fraternal country, I with great pleasure invite my esteemed colleague to travel to Tajikistan with an official visit and be our highly esteemed guest.

Thank you for your attention.

Press – Briefing of the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Islamabad February 4, 2010

The Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan always pays an utmost attention to esteemed representatives of mass media and highly values cooperation with them. The Pakistani media plays the important role in the life of democratic society and perform significant work for the enhancement of bilateral relationship between two countries. In this direction, my point of view as the Ambassador is – to achieve any remarkable progress precisely depends on your even-handed and professional activity.

I therefore have made a decision to invite you and briefly inform you about what was done in 2009 by the Embassy for deepening and widening friendly and official relations between our two states and nations.

I can firmly and confidently state, that in 2009, our relations reached the new heights

On 29-31 July, official visit of the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan headed by the President His Excellency Asif Ali Zardari to the Republic of Tajikistan was held. And the host of issues has been discussed, inter alia, especially the hydro energy, education, communication, transport, trade, economy and industry and a number of agreements were signed there, by taking in mind the special importance for both sides in the field of energy supply of the countries. Previously, on July 20, 2009 a seminar was organized by the Embassy on implementation of hydro power projects between IRP and RT where the experts from both sides announced the concrete useful suggestions for completing projects.


In this period, after 3 years interval, the Session of the Inter Governmental Joint Commission was held, in the course of which the heads of the concerning authorities from the both Governments had discussed in details the process of the implementation of agreements signed before, their prospects, which related to the supply of energy from RT to IRP and construction of communication routes linking Tajikistan and Pakistan by making closer the routs between two countries via Wakhan Corridor in Chitral district.

In the field of economy and trade, a total volume of trade relations in 2009 was 6 times more than compared to 2008. However, it does not fully reflect joint potential of the two countries.

Project of the Agreement for launching a direct flight between Dushanbe and Islamabad is already prepared by authorities of the Government of Tajikistan. That document should be endorsed by the President and after that it will be signed between the concerned Ministries of the two countries. It will be completed within a few weeks and we are hopeful that the flight will start by March this year.

By bearing in minds the importance of the issues of combating international terrorism, for the RT and IRP, by the initiative of the Embassy, for first time in the history of our states, the visits of the heads of the defense & security authorities of Pakistan were organized to the Republic of Tajikistan, when the issues of bilateral relations have been discussed in the atmosphere of mutual understanding. At the result of deliberations memorandums were signed by the parties.

We also made efforts in developing of our historical relations in the fields of culture and education; in this regard, Embassy has organized a seminar on study of heritage of Imam Azam Abu Hanifa on 24th September, where the religious scholars, researchers and heads of some Universities of Pakistan participated in.

On 5th and 6th October, an International Symposium on 1310th Anniversary of Imam Azam Abu Hanifa was arranged in the capital of the Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, where the guests from 50 countries took part, including 25 members from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

During the visit of the first Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan to Islamabad, both sides agreed on continuing practice of training of Pakistani students in Tajikistan and the Tajik students in Pakistan, as well as willingness of both sides to further expand contacts in other directions of education.

I also wish to highlight some efforts of the Embassy, which brought definite progress in the process of the pending tasks or projects. So, in 2009, five Tajikistani delegations visited Pakistan such as : 1st Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan consists of 10 delegates headed by the Minister, delegation of the State Committee of the National Security headed by its Chairman, defense delegation headed by the Minister of Defense, and the Deputy Minister of Education.

Pakistan high-ranking delegation headed by the President consisted of more than five ministers, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Interior and other Ministers, as well as some high level government officials.

It should be noted that bilateral trade of the two countries before my tenure in the last year was extremely negligible. Currently, it has significantly increased after the visit of the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari in July, 2009 to Dushanbe.

Four Pakistani citizens, who were in a prison of Tajikistan, due to drug charge, were released by the law authorities of Tajikistan in the results of the efforts done by the Embassy. We are also planning to organize a business forum in Dushanbe in March 2010 with the participation of business delegation of Pakistan.

I would also like to refer to the details of the status of CASA -1000 project. This project, embraces setting up a high voltage power transmission lines connecting four countries: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Through this line the electricity will be transmitted from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The length of this line is 750 KM from the border of Tajikistan to Pakistan. There will be three electricity-transforming stations – in Sangtuda of Tajikistan, in Kabul and in Peshawar. Establishing this power transmission line, supply of more electricity would be possible in summer time. The needed fund (credits and grants) for constructing this project will be provided by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank. The project will cost around $ 700 million USD.

About official and working visits:

  1. The Defense Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan.In the result of the visit of the Minister of Defense productive negotiations were held and the Memorandum of Understanding was signed. In this view, Pakistani side is committed to receive Tajik military officials for short-term training courses at some Pakistani military institutions.
  2. The Chairman of the National Security of the Republic of Tajikistan.During this visit, there were some fruitful meetings and constructive discussions on joint fighting against extremism and terrorism and other security challenges.
  3. Minister of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan.
  4. JMC (Joint Ministerial Commission).Tajik delegation was consisting of 10 delegates. Protocol was signed in the different fields of the bilateral cooperation.About the results of the visit of Pakistani delegation to the Republic of Tajikistan.

Meetings were held to discuss bilateral, trilateral and quadrilateral negotiations, and except of Join Statement between 4 countries, also 5 documents were signed by Tajik and Pakistani delegations.

As I hope, the tourism promotion will be developed after starting direct flight between two countries and by the improvement of the internal situation in Afghanistan as a transit country for Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Education promotion is developing through Diplomatic Academy of Pakistan, NUML, the International Islamic University of Islamabad and also available through some Military institutions.

Republic of Tajikistan is looking forward for the visit of the delegation of the Interior Ministry to Dushanbe for coordination our joint actions of fight against terror, extremism and other security challenges, because the role of Tajikistan along with the others Central Asian countries is definitely visible in guaranteeing regional security as a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Regarding common ethical peculiarities of the Pakistani and Tajikistani peoples, I would like to highlight that the both have a deep, joint and historical, religious, cultural and other similarities which make them closer. I also want to point out about National Festival of Nowruz, which is yearly celebrated for the three days in March 21st.

Another important point and a solid cause of our spiritual and bilateral relationships is the personality of Hazrat Mir Kabir Ali Hamdani (Hazrat Shah-e- Hamdan). The personality and belief of Hazrat Shah-e-Hamdan are very much attractive for the Muslims to act upon & get rid off terrorism and extremism. No doubt, Hazrat Shah-e-Hamdan was a great saint and spiritual leader of the Islamic history. His shrine is in the city of Kolab in the Republic of Tajikistan. Every year, thousands followers of Hazrat Shah-e- Hamdan go to his shrine. The Government of Tajikistan respects those pilgrims and provides them facilities, especially for Pakistani pilgrims, who are our special guests. Hazrat Shah-e-Hamdan preaches Islam in the whole subcontinent and sell the true message to the rest of the world. The Government of Tajikistan has built his shrine with the modern art of construction and also established a museum and a library in the shrine area. In this way, I can confidently say that Hazrat Shah-e-Hamdan is playing keen role to making both nations closer.

At the completion of our briefing, I would like to acknowledge that at the London Conference held on January 28, 2010 on providing stability and security in Afghanistan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan announced in his interview that Tajik side has offered construction of railway and gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, as well as building of power transmission lines from Turkministan to North Afghanistan and Tajikistan, building Dashti Joom Hydropower Dam at the Tajik-Afghan border for providing the huge territory and number of Afghan people with water. As we all exactly know, it will help the normalization of the situation and restoration of the economic life in Afghanistan. And nobody doubt, that implementation of such kind of small projects along with other international large-scale programs will facilitate efforts to create more conditions and opportunities for establishing lasting peace and stability in this country, which is so important not only for Afghanistan alone, but also for its neighbor states, including Tajikistan and Pakistan.

Realization all of these small projects will open the road for the immediate construction of High Voltage Power Transmission Lines and accelerate the transmission of electricity from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I hope that you, as very influential ideological and information force of the Pakistani society, can use your intellectual potential in developing and strengthening our bilateral relations and beneficial cooperation for both sides.

I would also like with satisfaction to highlight, that in general, close and friendly relationship are established between our two countries. And certainly, I am convinced that your contribution to this trend is highly valuable.

Taking the advantage of this opportunity, I express my gratitude to all of you for coverage of true information and bringing your share in the development of brotherly relations between our people and states.

I also hope that our friendly and official relations will be boosted in future.

Long live Tajik-Pakistani Friendship.