Cooperation in energy sector to energise Pak-Tajik relations

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Cooperation in energy sector to energise Pak-Tajik relations

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Thursday, June 28, 2012 – A ROAD map has already been laid down in energy cooperation between Pakistan and Tajikistan as the coming up dams and hydro-power production in Tajikistancan quench thirst of energy-starved Pakistan. The initial agreement of supply of 1000 MW power to Pakistan through Afghanistan will prove to be a milestone in future linkages between both the traditional close regions.

This optimism was reflected in a joyful ceremony hosted by Dr. Zubaydullo N. Zubaydov, ambassador of Tajikistan to Pakistan to celebrate 15th National Unity Day of Republic ofTajikistan and 20th anniversary of Pak-Tajikistan diplomatic relations on Tuesday evening in a local hotel.

The hot and humid summer did not deter Pakistani elites and friends of Tajikistan to attend the festivity of this small state in Central Asia which is going to become a big source of power supply to Pakistan in future. The smart and energetic ambassador enthusiastically and warmly greeted his guests by personally approaching each and every one in the hall. This was a great day for him as Ministers, politicians, parliamentarians, businessmen, ambassadors and High Commissioners from different countries, mediamen, educationists and friends of Tajikistan were part of the ceremony. Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, Chief Guest on the occasion joined the ambassador along with other ambassadors to cut the ceremonial cake after national anthems of both the countries were played. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Malik Amad Khan also joined the festivity.

Briefly speaking on the occasion, Zubaydullo N. Zubaydov sounded optimism about future of Pak-Tajik relations. Expressing satisfaction on the present on-going relations, he said such multi-dimensional relations will move on without any hindrance for benefit of both the countries and their people. Allama Muhammed Iqbal, national poet of Pakistan is read and sung in Tajikistan. Historically close to each other, both countries have great potential to build up their relations in multi-dimensional ways. Commonalities in culture, language and social habits, the land-lockedTajikistan can depend on Pakistan for its opening to South Asia, Middle East, Africa and even Europe. Pakistan can be a gateway of Central Asia.

The colourful ceremony made the relations colourful. The folk singers from Tajik swept the show. The fusion of traditional Pakistani and Tajik food brought the people of both the countries further closer to each other. The screen in the hall screened socio-economic progress of Tajikistan. Over twenty agreements between Islamabad and Dushanbe and spirit to move further closer to each other will prove to be strong instruments for building future relations between the two states.